Aluminium die-casting

The molten metal is forced into the pre-heated steel mould under high pressure. This ensures that even the finest structures are filled down to the last detail. This technology also enables the production of thin-walled and filigree die-casting products with a homogeneous surface.

Components made of die-cast aluminium can be used wherever

  • great strength
  • high thermal stress
  • high conductivity
  • electromagnetic incompatibility
  • high corrosion protection
  • and low unit weight are


SANDER DIE-CASTING specializes in medium and large production series.

SANDER DIE-CASTING uses process-monitored aluminium cold chamber machines with a rated clamping force of 1000 kN to 6500 kN. Most of these machines are equipped with industrial robots, guaranteeing consistent quality even with high unit counts.
In the field of aluminium die casting, unit weights range from 2 g to 2,000 g. All common alloys are processed.

All aluminium casting alloys used by SANDER DIE-CASTING are recyclable and environmentally friendly!